Ngutunui Enviro School


 The Great Potato Grow 2017
Yesterday our students harvested their potato crops for the Great Potato Grow.  Each class had their crops weighed.
The results on weight was:
Rm 2     5.6 kg
Rm 3     3.6kg
Rm 1      7.3 kg (after offering a concession of 1/2 kilo of potatoes in weight in case there were any green ones in the pack. 

Room One will receive a hot chip, bread and sauce lunch as the winners. All potatoes will be given as gifts to people who have helped our school over the last year and any others will be given to one of two homes for older people where some of our students have relatives.
Containers for the gifts have been created by Room One students along with a recipe book of favourite potato recipes and a card with photography taken by Room One Students.
It has been a fantastic learning experience for us all. 

 Kapa Haka 2017
 We could not be prouder of our school! Yesterday was an amazing day at the Whakamana Rangatahi Festival, please enjoy the video below of our performance.
Thank you to everyone who have given so much time to our children to help make this event happen! 
Cross Country 2017
What an amazing day we had at the Lower Waipa Cross Country this year! Our students really proved their courageousness and resilience  as they battled the elements and rough terrain! We are very proud of our runners!

 Certificate Winners This Week 11/8/17 
 Congratulations to all our certificate winners this week!
Senior Leadership Experience Day at Te Awamutu College
 Our senior students had a great day at Te Awamutu College experiencing a selection of option classes such as Graphic Design, Wood Technology, Special Effects and Photography, and Music Composition. All students thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the college in action and were buzzing with enthusiasm at the end of the day. Here are some student reflections from the day:

I liked the wood tech because the teacher was entertaining and we saw all the different projects the students can make. I liked making the spinning top, it was great experiencing what college is like.

-Kiera Gilbert

I enjoyed the Special Effects because it was fun. It was interesting seeing how to make fake wounds and cuts that look so life like. It was great to see how school is for my older sister.

-Katie King

I liked the graphics and design class, seeing how to draw designs for amazing houses. We were taught how to use rulers properly; there were also 3D models that look just like their plans.

-Hamish Riley

I enjoyed the Wood Tech class. Making the spinning tops and seeing all the toys and projects you can make there. It was interesting seeing how the school day works, moving from class to class.

-Malachi Dowding

Certificate Winners This Week 28/7/17 
 Congratulations to all our certificate winners this week!
 New Music Equipment 
 A big thank you to our Home and School Committee for allocating some of our hard earned fundraising money into purchasing new instruments for our school rock band! The kids said it felt like Christmas opening up all the boxes and setting up the gear. Now we are ready to take on the world with our powerful rock!


National Young Leaders Day 2017!

Last Monday our Year 6 students attended the National Young Leaders Conference with 1700 other students from Schools around the Waikato area. The theme for the conference was:

               "E kore au e ngaro, he kakano i ruia mai I rangiatea….I am a seed                      born of greatness”

·        Ngaro – Do others opinions affect the way you see yourself?

·        Kakano- Within everyone is the potential to make the world a better                              place.

·        Ruia- You become like the people you spend time with, so choose who                     you spend time with carefully.

·        Rangiatea- You can leave the world a better place than you found it.

There were five highly motivational speakers to listen to throughout the day including:

·        Zane Scarborough- Programme Director at the Parenting Place.

·        Daniel Flynn-  Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou- a social                                   enterprise that exists to empower people to end global                                       poverty.

·        Matt Brown- World renowned Barber and hair artist.

·        Alistair Davis- CEO of Toyota New Zealand.

We were also treated to a few songs from the band NOMAD at the end of the conference.

 It was an amazing day for our students and we all left feeling energized and motivated to think about the positive influences we can have on our own community.  


Welcome to Ngutunui Mr V!

We are very excited to introduce Mr Emile Valkenborg to our Ngutunui team! Mr V has six years experience as a classroom teacher and has written a letter of introduction to our community:

Dear Parents and Whanau of Ngutunui Enviro School, 

Kia ora my name is Emile Valkenborg. First of all thank you for giving me the incredible opportunity to be part of your wonderful vibrant school community.  It actually makes me feel as if I have come home having grown up in a location very similar to yours. Originally born in The Netherlands, my parents immigrated to New Zealand in 1971 when I was four years old. My parents bought a one hundred acre farm forty minutes west of the town of Motueka in the top of the South Island. So I spent a great portion of my youth roaming over bush clad hills and scrub filled gullies, in search of  wild pigs, opossums and adventure! The place I grew up was on a marble clad hill, apptly named the Marble Mountain, called the Takaka Hill. In its early history it was the home to quite a large population of loggers and their families, and even had its own one room school house. As time progressed the cutting of trees made way for sheep farms, gold prospectors and a limestone quarry. One of the unique aspects of the place is the large caves that exist under the ground, in fact it was quite a common occurrence for farmers driving in fence posts to see their posts suddenly disappear completely into the ground! It was in one of the local caves, open to the public, that I had my first real holiday job as a cave guide.


At present I live in Cambridge with my partner Susanne, who is an optometrist working in the eye clinic at the Waikato Hospital. We love pottering around in the garden, going to the movies (when there is something good on) and travelling when we can.  I have been teaching for over six years and I am still as passionate about it as the first day I started. I love getting children actively involved in their learning which links well to some of my passions of science, technology and learning outdoors.  So look out for water-bottle rockets travelling out your way in the near future! In my spare time I like to keep fit by cycling, relax by playing guitar and writing my own songs and tinkering around in my man cave. I am really looking forward to working with the other brilliant educators at Ngutunui School and having some fun along the way as well. I also look forward to getting to know you all, so please feel free to come and see me any time as our classroom door is always open.



Ka kite anō


Emile Valkenborg


Cultural Festival

 I was so proud of our school on Friday. What an amazing display of cultural diversity! It was great to witness our students showcase their learning through displays, song and dance. Thank you too to all the community members who came to support the festival and provide food for the shared lunch. We certainly are lucky to be part of such a rich culture of people here in Ngutunui. Well done to the Students and Teachers for all your hard work!


 Important News For Term 2

 Dear Parents and Caregivers,

One of the things I am most proud of here at Ngutunui Enviro School are the high standards we place on student achievement. We have an excellent team of teachers and support staff, and students who are focused on being successful learners. It is an exciting time to be a part of our school and as a result our school roll continues to grow.

We are now in the privileged position to generate a third classroom. We are currently working very hard with the Ministry of Education to see this happen but as it is a very long process we have decided to take matters into our own hands and convert the current Staff Room into a learning space. This will provide us the opportunity to group our children into three age specific groups:

Room 1: Junior School Years 0-2

Staffroom: Middle School Years 3-4 (ROOM 3)

Room 2: Senior School Years 5-6

This is an excellent opportunity to reduce class numbers and be able to really target the specific learning needs of each group, while also providing our senior students the room to grow as leaders of the school in their own space.

Whae Sue and Mrs Dowding will continue to work in their current classrooms and we will be advertising the teaching position for the Middle School next week. If you know of a suitable teacher looking for a position please refer them to our school website.

Thank you so much for the belief you have given our school and I know that these positive changes will reap strong rewards heading into the rest of the year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ka kite ano,

Mark Harrop,



 School Camp Video





Senior Leadership Camp 

Our Year 6 students had their Leadership Camp on the 20th of February. This was an opportunity to get to know and work with students from the contributing schools and explore leadership qualities through shared team building experiences. We had an awesome time getting to know each other and have made a wonderful start to our Leadership Programme. The highlight of the camp was the hike up to the Ruapane Lookout on Mt Pirongia which took our breath away through its amazing views and many steps wink.  

Other highlights include:

 "The water slide was fun even though I got covered in cow poo!”  

- Emily Crake


"I liked the pool because it has a big drop off” – Kiera Gilbert


"I liked playing spotlight because nobody found me” – Jack Egan


"The Bush walk was fun even if Mrs Dowding kept falling down”

– Chloe Bartz


"I liked setting up all the tents and the team building challenges”

– Baylee Townsend


"The view from Pirongia Mountain was great” – Taj Awhitu


Ngutunui Enviro School Trail Ride 2017

What an AMAZING day we had at this year's trail ride! We had such an amazing turn out on a beautiful day with stunning scenery. Thank you very much to Glenn Oldfield for all your hard work in organising the day and to all the families and community members that support our school through helping on the day and donating baked goods and meat. An other opportunity for us to realise how lucky we are to belong to such an amazing and supportive community.  Big thanks as well to our sponsors who generously supported our big day:

- Hamilton Honda

- Devoy Signs

- Hynds Pipes

-PGG Wrightson

-Tony Fabish Panelworks

-Meateaters Homekills 

Also thank you to the landowners who allowed us onto their farms for the big day:

 -Brent and Louise Scott

-Jim Gilbert

-Mathew Scott

-Dan and Sarah Barron

-Lyle and Briar Gilbert


Kim Batz has taken some fantastic photos and we also were given a GoPro video of the track. Check it out....











Ngutu the Kereru


We are very excited to welcome ‘Ngutu’ to Ngutunui. Ngutu is the Guardian of Ngutunui Enviro School, supporting us on our mission of: ‘E Whaia Ki To Matauranga” "Strive to Achieve”

Ngutu is a Kererū  the majestic native New Zealand bird that can be found living in the local trees of Ngutunui and often visit the Kowhai tree outside Mr Harrop’s office.  They are known to be courageous and resilient birds who will gather around and protect any of their kind in need of support, excellent role models of our school values in action.

Ngutu will be a visible and important component across all learning programmes at Ngutunui Enviro School. Ngutu is named after the ancestor of our area known for his exceptional skills as a speech maker, whose carving can be found in the wharenui at Purekireki marae.

Welcome to 2017! 

Welcome back to school for 2017! all the teachers are very excited to reconnect with their students and hear about their adventures over the summer holidays! Remember our start date is

Wednesday the 1st of February.

Please ensure all students bring their togs on the first day as we will be swimming every day. 


 New Zealand Show Horse Nationals

Congratulations to Daniel and Zoe Garland for your participation at the Show Horse  Nationals in Taupo over the weekend. It was very exciting to hear that Zoe and her horse Scorpio won Reserve Champion and have qualified for Australia's National show, what an amazing achievement. Well done Daniel and Zoe and congratulations once again for representing Ngutunui to such a high standard!


Certificates for this week

Principal's Leadership Award 


 Weston Oldfield: For showing leadership by caring for our environment.

Whero Awhitu: For or showing leadership by caring for students in need.

 Classroom Achievement Awards


Tawhia Uerata: For your outstanding support in the enviro planting

Charlotte Flutey: For your independent work in the technology challenge

Asha Scott: Amazing progress in reading

Thomas Flutey: Amazing progress in reading 


Math Whizz Certificates  

 Olivia Crake and Jack Egan. for making the most personal progress in their classes this week. 

Sunflower and Pumpkin Planting.

What an amazing day to do a bit of gardening! Today we planted the seeds to our competition pumpkins! We can't wait to grow these pumpkins to their fullest for measuring next year!  We also planted some sunflower seeds from the Sunflower head that has been in Room 1 all year. 




Drone Excitement

We had an exciting visitor today! An architect called Matt Whitmarsh  came to school to take some photos using his drone! the camera flew high into the air and hovered above our school to take some amazing pictures. These pictures will be used to help plan the building of our breakout room extension on Room 2!


Certificates for this week

Principal's Leadership Award 

 Mia Barron: For showing leadership by caring for students in need.

Jack Egan: For showing leadership through athletics training. 

 Classroom Achievement Awards

Daniel Garland:For displaying a positive attitude to all areas of your learning. You consistently start your work and finish it to the best of your abilities. Keep up the great work.

Emily Crake: For displaying a positive attitude to all of your learning. Your enthusiasm to learning about Google Docs and Math Whizz is absolutely fantastic. Keep up the great work!

Dillyn Oldfield: For knowing many blend sounds and words.

Olivia Crake: For persevering and meeting a maths challenge. 


Math Whizz Certificates  

 Carys Barron and Taj Awhitu. for making the most personal progress in their classes this week.


School Agricultural Day 

We had an amazing time at the Agricultural Day  on the 13th of October. It was obvious from the high quality animals on display that our children have work incredibly hard and shown great care for their calves, lambs and goats. It was also great to see the creative floral displays in the hall and the clever vegetable sculptures! Thank you to our Home and School Committee for organising such a wonderful day.











Welcome to the Ngutunui Team Mrs Dowding 

We are very excited to announce the appointment of our new teacher Mrs Dowding! She will be starting in Room 2 from the start of Term 4, here is a letter from her to our school community: 


Talofa, Kia ora, Hello Ngutunui families and community.


My name is Laura Dowding and I am extremely excited to be working with your children in Room 2 for the remainder of the year.  My family and I have recently moved back to Te Awamutu onto a Dairy Farm just on the outskirts of Pirongia township. I have 3 children who most of the time are amazing, two are at college and the youngest still being at primary school. The husband who is also most of the time amazing is a dairy farmer who likes to get me in the milking shed as much as he can. Quietly, I do actually love getting in there and helping out. 


I began my teaching career here in Te Awamutu before we relocated to Morrinsville several years ago. I’ve taught for the past seven plus years at David Street School, where I spent five years teaching the year 5 and 6’s. As a new challenge, which I always enjoy, I then taught the year 3 and 4’s for the past two years. I was fortunate to gain a year’s leave this year in order for some well-deserved family and farming time. Throughout this year I have relieved at David Street School (I just couldn’t stay away), Morrinsville Intermediate School and just recently Puahue Primary School.  It has been a wonderful year but I am definitely looking forward to getting back into the classroom.


I am a passionate, humorous, caring, firm but fair teacher who has high expectations of all learners including myself.  I believe strongly in building positive relationships with my students, their family and the wider community. The collaboration between all of us is vital for our children to grow together, achieve goals and be successful both academically and socially. Special education is a passion of mine and I have completed a Certificate in Education prior to completing my Bachelor in Teaching. Working alongside many students with high needs has enhanced my own teaching of understanding what makes every child tic and deliver learning that will engage them to love learning. I believe strongly in having structured programmes that allow students to take ownership and understand what their next learning steps are. Learning must be relevant and purposeful to their needs. 


I have an open door policy where popping in and seeing what your child/ren are doing is very important.  I accept coffee (flat white, no sugar) and chocolate for all meetings too.  Most importantly I enjoy a good laugh and this is something that all of my students will learn very quickly.


I look forward to meeting you all over the term and will send home an outline of what next term will be looking like for our class in the first few weeks. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any queries as I am always happy to help.   


Nga Mihi


Laura Dowding


Whaea Sue Achieves National Success!

We are so very proud of Whaea Sue for winning the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award! On the 13th of September she was recognized at the award ceremony at Parliament  hosted by the Minister of Education Hekia Parata. It is amazing to see Whaea Sue get recognition for the quality teacher she is! The Waikato Times has written a wonderful article that can be read here: Newspaper Article

 As a community we can all be very proud of what Suzanne has achieved! 


Term 3 Technology

Our Year 7 and 8 students had their technology sharing assembly yesterday. It was great to see all their hard work on display. Seana-Lee and Taylor have made ,some spectacular wood carvings of native birds, while Talia has learned some exceptional baking skills and also made an impressive phone case in sewing. Well done to our senior students for a great term in technology!



Spring has sprung at Ngutunui!

We have been enjoying some beautunui sunshine recently here at Ngutunui Enviro School. The local Kereru and Tui have been visiting daily and we have been making the most of the change in weather by building huts, playing rugby and using our tennis courts! Weston's lamb Woodsy even stopped by to help us learn more about looking after our animals for Agricultural day.  




Te Ra Whakamana Rangatahi Kapa Haka Festival

We have had an amazing time at the Kapa Haka Festival today. You would never know that this was our first time in a competition, our students were exceptional in their attitude and our values of Respect, Quality, Diversity and Equity were obvious to everyone in attendance.  We are so proud of all our children and I know what we have done today will be a lasting memory for everyone. Our Kapa Haka legacy has begun! Special thanks to Whaea Georgie and Whaea Jo for their hard work you have gifted us a life long set of skills.

We even managed to win an award!  The Roopu Manutioriori award for our group singing!  Bring on next year!  




 Purekireki Marae Stay

We have just spent two days at the Purekireki Marae as part of our training to get ready for the Kapa Haka festival on Friday the 31st of August. We loved spending time on the marae, learning the history of the land and people through the  carvings and tukutuku panels in the Wharenui. We got to send two days refining our Kapa Haka performance and now we feel ready for the festival. Ngutunui students are very lucky to have so many people who care about us like parents, whanau and wider community members who share our experiences and support us . Thank you very much everyone who played a part in our Noho Marae Stay. Together we have made life long memories.




Senior Speech Competition

On Friday the 26th of August we held our senior school speech competition. We were excited to share all the hard work, research and practice that went into our speeches and it was great to see so many family and community members come and support us! Here are our winners:


Junior Competition Years 3-4


 1st place: Janelle Casitas

2nd place: Weston Oldfield

3rd place: Stevie Bartz


 Intermediate Competition Years 5-6


 1st place: Chloe Bartz

2nd place: Briana Wallis

3rd place: Emily Crake


Senior Competition Years 7-8


 1st place: Taylor King

2nd place: Talia Davis

3rd place: Seana-Lee Awhitu


 We are very proud of all our children for the excellent effort they have put into their speeches, it was great to see the value of Quality so obviously on display!

Cross Country 2016

We had a great day at Paterangi School last week at the Lower Waipa Cross Country. Our students showed the school value of Respect to a high standard as well as Quality in the way they gave the Cross Country their very best effort.  I was a very proud Principal! Thank you to all the parents and care givers who provided transport and came along to support our tamariki, we could not have attended the day without you.

Here are the students who managed a top three placing on the day:

Carys Barron 1st in 5 year old Girls

Harlem McConnon 2nd in 5 year old Boys

Olivia Crake 3rd in 6 year old Girls

Laytin Takitimu 2nd 6 year old Boys

Connor Bartz 3rd 6 year old Boys

Zoe Garland 3rd 7 year old Girls

Jack Egan 3rd 10 year old Boys

Daneka Takitimu, Zoe Garland and Layla Bird won 1st place in the Junior Girls team results.

Congratulations to all our place getters and well done to our whole school for an excellent day!









Centennial Garden Opening Ceremony

On Thursday the 4th of August we celebrated the opening of our special garden to mark the Centennial Anniversary of Ngutunui Enviro School. Thank you very much to all the people who were able to make it, it even stopped raining long enough for us to be outside! It was an honour to have so many distinguished guests visit us including past students and teachers, Committee Members and supportive members of our wider community. Local MP Barbara Kuriger attended and the Centenary Garden itself was officially opened by Otorohanga District Mayor Max Baxter with the help of Colin Murray and Jakob Espiritu (and two pairs of scissors).  I was so proud of our students who represented our school to such a high standard and it was great to hear so many wonderful comments about our behaviour and talented singing. I would like to acknowledge as well all the hard working parents and community members who were not able to attend the ceremony due to work obligations. Many of you gave up your weekends to make the garden possible so thank you again for the donation of your time and resources. Now that the garden has been officially opened we welcome you all to come down and spend time in this beautiful gift that I have no doubt, will be used, enjoyed and respected for many years to come.


Congratulations Whaea Sue! 

Ngutunui Enviro School is very proud to have an award winning teacher!


School Disco

We had a great time at our end of term Disco! Thank you to the Home and School Committee for putting on such a fun event. It was great to see parents and children enjoying themselves and showing off their moves on the dance floor!